Two Keys to A Better Car Seat Experience: A Good Car Seat and the 2017 Ford Escape

There are two keys to a better car seat experience: a good car seat and the right car. At FX Caprara Ford we can help you with the car part.

The 2017 Ford Escape, for instance, was awarded across-the-board perfect ratings in tests to gauge its compatibility with car seats. It earned these accolades primarily by doing little things that make a big difference.

Many cars do a poor job of making their latches accessible. They position them too deep in the seats to keep them out of sight. This can make them hard to find and even harder to reach. The latches (and tether anchors too!) in the Escape are both easy to find and use. You won't have any trouble connecting the car seat to the car.

You won't have any trouble fitting it either. The Escape's five seat interior is nice and roomy, providing plenty of space for car seats of all configurations and sizes.

To learn about all the ways the 2017 Ford Escape can make your life easier, come on down to our lot in Pulaski, NY. Our Ford experts will give you a firsthand look at the Escape and also introduce you to our extensive stock of new Ford cars.

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