Tire Tread and Pressure Have a Large Impact on Your Car's Performance

When you think of car performance you often think about the horsepower or size of the engine. But what people fail to realize is that the tires on a car determine a great deal of its performance. That is why we here at F.X. Caprara Ford in Pulaski are here to tell you why.

The more tread that is on a tire, the more it can "grip" the road and stop the car in a timely fashion. Properly inflating your tires is also important. Under inflating your tires will cause your car to work harder thus expending more fuel. If your tires are over inflated, they can wear quicker than normal costing you more money for tire replacements in the long run.

If you are looking for a great service team to perform work on your vehicle be sure to give us a call or stop by our service center in person at F.X. Caprara Ford in Pulaski today to schedule an appointment.

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