How can you tell your Ford vehicle needs new tires? First, you will want to examine the tread depth, which should not fall below 1/16 of an inch. It is important to be cautious if you drive on wet or slippery surfaces. Aside from the tire tread, you should also take a look at the sidewall and check for any blisters on the tire. You can also tell if you need new tires if the rubber on your tire has cracked.

Aside from visual warnings, you can also tell if you need new tires if you feel vibrations when you drive. If you feel vibration when you drive, your tires may need to be balanced. Another sign that you may need new tires if your tire is losing air pressure. This means you could have a leak in your tire. Luckily, our professionals specialize in tire replacements, so we can provide a fresh set if needed.

Schedule Tire Service in Pulaski

When you are ready to schedule tire service, we are here for you. You can set up tire service by giving us a call or booking your appointment online. Our experts can rotate and balance your tires or help you select the right size tires for your Ford Escape, Edge, or Fusion Hybrid.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the F.X. Caprara Ford service team if you have any questions about tire service. We look forward to meeting our Parish and Sandy Creek drivers soon.

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