Seeing the "check engine" light illuminate on your dash can be overwhelming. If you are like most Pulaski car drivers, you may not know what the light is trying to tell you. Your check engine light coming on could be a small issue or a more urgent issue. With the help of the F.X. Caprara Ford service department, there's no reason to worry. We will help you diagnose the issue and perform proper repairs.

What Does My Check Engine Light Mean?

Whether you have a loose gas cap or a more serious problem that can damage your engine, you deserve peace of mind as you drive around Oswego and Parish. Your check engine light can indicate that your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced, you have a bad catalytic converter, or your vehicle needs new spark plugs or wires. Again, we're here to inspect your vehicle components.

The best thing to do if your check engine light comes on is to visit the F.X. Caprara Ford service department.

Visit Our Ford Service Department Near Sandy Creek for Check Engine Light Service

When you see the check engine line illuminate, be sure to schedule your appointment with the professional at F.X. Caprara Ford. Remember, don't ignore the check engine light—we're here to help you find a solution. If you would like to set up a service appointment, simply give us a call or set up your appointment online.

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